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    We at Yachtcharter Vietnam have a great passion for boats, beaches and the boating lifestyle.

    About Us

    We at Yachtcharter Vietnam have a great passion for boats, beaches and the boating lifestyle. For Years we have been sailing in and around South East Asia and we feel that it is the right time now to contribute to the development of the boating industry and boating tourism in Vietnam and move forward to open waters and pristine Vietnam beaches to tourist from all over the world.

    With currently about 1 Million tourist per month visiting Vietnam, the country is right at the beginning of an exciting journey. Boating tourism isn’t really existing at present and initial endeavors of foreign charter companies entering Vietnam has shown that it takes more than just offering boats to be successful.

    Therefore with priority we strive to improve the current boating infrastructure and legal framework in Vietnam.

    The first Marina just opened the doors (or moorings) in Nha Trang, but today’s legal framework makes it difficult to attract tourist and boat owners.

    With our passion, experience and business network and together with you, Yachcharter Vietnam will contribute to the development of the countries tourist industry and provide the best in class charter services and most enjoyable cruising adventures with access to 3400 KM coast line.

     “Crusing at his finest”

    Mission Statement

    We dedicate our daily activities to develop the Vietnam boating industry and enable cruising enthusiast all over the world access to the beautiful islands and beaches around Vietnam.

    By becoming the country’s leading Yacht Charter provider we can contribute to the sustainable development of the tourism industry and the protection of the maritime eco system in Vietnam. We love what we do and we do what we love.

    Our passion and attention to highest quality in all we do will provide you unforgettable cruises and lead us to success.

    Vision Statement

    By developing the Vietnam Boat Charter landscape and preserve the maritime eco system, we become the leading partner for all your maritime matters in Vietnam.

    YachtCharter Vietnam

    Sailing Team

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