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    Yachtcharter Vietnam- Sailing lifestyle and relationships.

    Living on boat is a simple life, where relationships should be managed just like everyday on the earth and each member has an important and often vital role to play (as an example: managing the kitchen!).
    Sailing is a real life style dominated by the minimalism where the slogan is “less is more”. In fact, you will have few stuff with you and most of the time to make room for something means to leave or throw something else off of the boat.

    But remember we are not talking about plastic, garbage or pollutants because the sailing lifestyle is strongly connected with the environmental protection. Living on a boat makes you much more conscious about resources and benefits as the water, the fuel or the electricity. You will soon be aware that sailing can have a significant impact on wildlife and natural world and every step you take is really significant.

    The golden words are “reduce, reuse and recycle”, partial terms that we need to follow to respect the nature and ourselves. Furthermore, everyday sailing is an adventure and for a few or many days the boat will be your home, so you have to respect it and protect it, and “she” will do the same for you and much more: wildlife to be seen, sunrises and sunsets, the wind in your hair, a total and incredible sense of freedom.

    Living on a boat: relationships

    Living on a boat sometime can be challenging. New people, new interests, tight spaces, disagreements, rough sea, water shortage, canned food…anything can happen, it is a little weird, isn’t it? But this is life, a big adventure! Have you ever heard the popular quote “we are on the same ship?”.

    That is friendship, that will born at the moment when one of the crew will say to you: “What? You too?”. Yes, because on a sailboat you will share everything, same food, same sea sickness as well as same experiences, living in the same space. You will learn when to let go and when times are tough, this is an amazing school of life.

    Why? First of all a boat friend will be immediately in proximity with you for all the trip, a few steps away, on the same flooring for all the time, and instead of watching a movie with you on the couch, will help you to fix many things during the sailing such as to seal ports and lockers, to drop the anchor, saving your head from the boom and keeping watch over the bay while you sleep. So, remember that a very odious being during a sailing trip might turn into your best friend.

    Living on a boat: the crew and roles

    While you are talking about the weather, consider that a sailing trip it is the occasion of an improvement of your body flexibility and mental concentration.
    The skipper is the captain of the sailboat and has many responsibilities, including your safety and you comfort, so you have to obey to every given order.

    If you wish to become involved in this big adventure, there are many things that you can do while you are living on a sailboat. Don’t forget: one hand for yourself and one hand for the ship. Everyone lends a helping hand, especially during the phases relating to the docking and mooring or to adjust the sails to go faster. Living on sailboat is a cooperation between the crew, including the cleaning and the selection of foods for the provisioning: both very good to exercise your abilities, improving your communications skills. This is engaging and at the end of the holiday you will be in a great shape!
    So what are you waiting for? Let’s go sailing!


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