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  • Why You Should Explore Croatia On A Party Yacht

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    Yachtcharter Vietnam – Explore hidden coves, swim in crystal clear waters and meet people who’ll become lifelong friends. Party lovers, come to me!

    Sailing parties are the ultimate way to experience the islands . Have fun, party, sail, and explore. All you have to do is get on board and enjoy one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see.

    If the idea of partying, relaxing and sailing onboard a yacht sounds like your idea of a dream Summer holiday, then look no further than our party Yacht Tours. Designed specifically for those between the ages of 18 and 39, you have the chance to party, swim, relax and explore with like minded travellers and your own private skipper!

    1. A yacht tour is perfect for solo travelers, groups and couples

    With accommodate 8 people per yacht – which means it is perfect for groups of friends to explore the islands. This way, you have complete control over who is on your tour with you! If you don’t have a group of friends to go traveling with, don’t worry! – we get plenty of solo travellers join our sailing tours each year – it is a sure way to make new friends fast.

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    2. You get to visit some of the best nightspots Croatia has to offer

    One of the best things about these tours is that you still get to experience the unique Croatian nightlife just as you would on any of our Navigator Cruises. You’ll get the chance to party in a cave in Makarska while dancing to the latest techno and electronic beats, sip cocktails right on the waterfront at Hula Hula Bar in Hvar and even take part in an epic rum party on your yacht!


    3. You can bring your own food & drink onboard

    One of the perks of being on a yacht is that you can bring your own food and drink onboard, including alcohol! This way, you have complete control over your spending habits and can cater to your own dietary requirements. Breakfast is included each day on our yachting tours and your Skipper will happily recommend local restaurants and eateries once you arrive at port each evening, allowing you to have complete freedom over what you eat and how much you spend.




    4. You have your own personal skipper – or you can even have a go at sailing yourself!

    Don’t know how to sail a yacht? No worries! Yachting tours all come with their own private Skipper – they know all the secret spots and will take you to the best swim stops all week. Whilst Skippers do the majority of sailing, from time to time there may be the opportunity for you to take over! Skippers have a wealth of local knowledge and can give you the best tips on places to explore and evening hangouts once you reach each island.



    5. You’ll have access to some of the best swim spots!

    Croatia has some of the most beautiful beaches and swim spots in the Mediterranean. Because our yachts are much smaller than our ships, it means we have access to some amazing secluded bays and swim spots. You may even be lucky enough to have the whole bay to yourselves! What’s even cooler, is that included on our yachting itinerary is the island of Vis – famous for its abandoned submarine tunnel which was used to house soldiers in WWII. You’ll even get to take part in an optional Vis Military Tour and explore the mysterious Vis Blue Cave (weather permitting) – which is otherwise only available on our Explorer and Elegance cruises.



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